Angelica Yap Was Nearly Killed by a Glass During Skusta Clee’s Concert

The social media influencer is making headlines after being nearly hit by a glass thrown during Skusta Clee’s concert. The action of bottling occurs when members of the audience throw various objects at the performers onstage. This is common at festivals when one act in the lineup is of a different genre or audience than … Read more

Angelica Yap and Flow G went viral on their Intriguing Posts

Angelica Yap and Flow G went viral on their Intriguing social media account posts immediately created noise. Many netizens are intrigued if the two are going through something when it comes to their relationship. However, after Angelica shared the music video of Flow G new song, many netizens were shocked because they shared the lyrics … Read more

Plagiarism Issue: Angelica Yap Defended Boyfriend Flow G, Over Allegations

“Pastillas Girl” or Angelica Jane Yap in real-life spoke up and defended her boyfriend Ex-Battalion member Flow G over the plagiarism allegations on their song, “Deym” for copying the sound of a BTS song “Ddaeng”. Filipino rappers and Ex-Battalions members Skusta Clee and Flow G is now facing a plagiarism issue after they released a song for … Read more