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Apulit Island Resort “EL NIDO” Palawan

Apulit Island El Nido

                  Apulit Island Resort “El Nido” in northern part of Palawan, Philippines is the only tourist destination of the country that is included to the list of bests tourist destination in Asia, according to article entitled “Asia’s Greatest Island Gateway” published by Britain’s The Sunday Times authored [...]

Lagen Island Resort “EL NIDO” Palawan

El Nido

                  Lagen Island is quite hard to reach by most dreamer of paradise-like place. But when the opportunity comes and once you get there, like other people who have been there, many commit the wrong choice of going back to the usual destination, because the place is [...]

Miniloc Island Resort, “El Nido” Palawan

Miniloc Island, El Nido Palawan

                  Miniloc Island Resort is a premier resort known for its distinctively native cottages on the brink over the water. It is situated in a sheltered cove where at the back is structured with sheer limestone cliffs. Miniloc Island Resort is a perfect destination for all seasons. [...]

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan,

                  El Nido is one of the best tourist destinations in the northernmost part of Palawan mainland, Western Philippines. The unique landscape of 250 million year old limestone cliff became the primary attracttour in the land. The 2,645 hectares of thick mangrove forest and bird sanctuary for [...]

Bantayan Island No. 1 Tourist Destination

Ogtong Cave Resort, Bantayan

Looking for the best place to enjoy in Bantayan Island? Come to Ogtong Cave Resort. The world class standard of the resort amenities will assure satisfaction all the rest of your stay. As you can see the photos taken inside the Ogtong Cave, swimming into the crystal clear water is a great experience in the [...]

Bantayan Island No.1 Beach Resort

Sugar Beach Sta. Fe, Bantayan

Sugar Beach Resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island is a tourists favorite destination both foreign and domestic visitors from all over the world. The beautiful beach with the crystal clear blue water and the powder white sand is the no. 1 factor that makes Sugar Beach Resort popular. Added to that is the world class [...]

Campuestohan Talisay City

              Visit Campuestohan Highland Resort and experience the good life with the beauty of nature and comfort of amenities. The Highland Resort is perfect place to relax from the heavy work and pressures in life. Look at the picture of the mountain view, when you get there and see the beautiful landscape [...]

Campuestohan Bacolod City

                Children usually love swimming. One of the most exciting adventures for children in Campuestohan Highland Resort is to experience swimming in the pool. With their amenities for children, I’m sure they will enjoy to the max. They have the pool designed for children to ensure their safety [...]

Campuestohan Highland Resort

                  Visiting to the Campuestohan Highland Resort is just like giving your children a total satisfaction during vacation day. Campuestohan Highland Resort has new amenities for children’s enjoyment where they can play together with their friends and new conversant. Your children have a lot of things to [...]

Campuestohan Highland Resort Bacolod City

                    Campuestohan Highland Resort is a newly developed eco-tourism destination that boost of the city’s tourism industry. Like many other beautiful tourists destination of the city, the “Campuestohan Highland Resort” attracts domestic and even foreign visitors all over the country that make the newly developed attracttour [...]