Look: Anne Curtis on Her New Look in Preparation of Tawag ng Tanghalan Grand Finals


Anne Curtis captivated the audience with her striking appearance featuring a new hairstyle during the latest episode of It’s Showtime. The actress not only showcased her beauty but also hinted at the significance of her preparation for the upcoming week-long grand finals of Tawag ng Tanghalan, a prominent singing competition featured on the show.

As Anne alluded to the need for preparation, it adds an element of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming events on It’s Showtime, particularly the Tawag ng Tanghalan grand finals. This highlights the dedication and seriousness she brings to her role on the show.

Moreover, the positive reception extended beyond the studio, with Anne’s co-hosts praising her for the captivating new look. The admiration wasn’t confined to the television set, as netizens, the online audience, expressed their strong approval and fondness for Anne’s revamped appearance. The widespread appreciation from both co-hosts and netizens emphasizes the impact of Anne Curtis not only as a talented entertainer but also as a style icon, creating a buzz and leaving a lasting impression on the viewers.

In a recent situation, Anne Curtis took the initiative to make a plea for kindness, urging everyone to exhibit goodwill and positivity. Her appeal stemmed from a specific incident involving playful banter with Vice Ganda, a fellow personality. The two engaged in a lighthearted exchange of humorous remarks, which might have been misconstrued or sparked some reactions.

In response to the dynamics of their banter, Anne clarified that everything is now harmonious and amicable between her and Vice Ganda. By emphasizing that they are “completely okay,” Anne sought to reassure the public that there are no lingering issues or tensions resulting from their playful interaction. The appeal for kindness could be seen as a proactive effort to maintain a positive atmosphere and to prevent any unnecessary negativity or misunderstandings among their audience and the public in general.

Overall, Anne’s plea for kindness serves not only as a resolution to any potential misconceptions arising from their banter but also as a reminder of the importance of fostering a supportive and understanding environment in the public sphere. It reflects her commitment to promoting positivity and unity in the midst of public interactions and exchanges.

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