56.26% Pass Rate in September 2023 LET for Secondary Teachers: 53,995 out of 95,969 Succeed


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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has disclosed the alphabetical list of successful candidates in the September 2023 Teachers board exam, specifically for the Secondary level. This much-anticipated announcement was made on Thursday, December 7, 2023, marking the culmination of fifty-five (55) working days after the completion of the examination. The PRC’s commitment to transparency and accountability is evident in the timely release of the results, providing aspiring educators with a clear understanding of their performance.

September 2023 LET Results Elementary: Alphabetical List of Passers
September 2023 LET Results Secondary: Alphabetical List of Passers
TOPNOTCHERS: September 2023 LET Elementary Top 10
TOPNOTCHERS: September 2023 LET Secondary Top 10
Performance of Schools: September 2023 LET board exam Elementary
Performance of Schools: September 2023 LET board exam Secondary

Out of the 95,969 examinees who undertook the challenging LET for the Secondary level, an impressive 56.26% demonstrated their competence by passing the examination. A total of 53,995 individuals have now earned the distinction of becoming licensed secondary teachers, a noteworthy accomplishment that reflects both their dedication and the rigorous standards set by the PRC. This success contributes to the enhancement of the educational landscape, ensuring that qualified and competent educators are equipped to shape the minds of future generations.

For those eagerly awaiting the results, the complete alphabetical list of passers will be available on this page. This resource serves as a comprehensive reference for educators, employers, and the broader education community. As the LET results are announced online, this page will be regularly updated, offering a dynamic platform to celebrate the achievements of successful examinees and fostering a sense of pride within the education sector.

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