NCR SubProf Passers: Aug ’23 CSE-PPT Results


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced the results of the August 20, 2023, Civil Service Exam – Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) for both the Professional and SubProfessional levels on November 3, 2023. As per Examination Advisory No. 09, s. 2023 issued on October 27, the list of passers for both levels was made available on the CSC website on the specified date.

If you’re specifically seeking the full list of passers for the SubProfessional level exam in Metro Manila or the National Capital Region (NCR), those who passed the SubProfessional exam are eligible for entry-level positions in the civil service, particularly clerical positions. The complete list of passers for the SubProfessional level in Metro Manila/NCR should be available on the CSC website or can be obtained directly from the CSC office.

Examinees, both those who passed and those who did not, can access their individual test results using the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS) by November 18, 2023. It’s important to note that no report of ratings will be sent via mail to individual examinees.

For any concerns regarding examination results or the verification of the Examinee Number, direct coordination should be made with the respective CSC Regional Office.

Those who successfully passed the examination may request a Certification of Eligibility (CoE) printed on CSC official letterhead, free of charge, from the concerned CSC Regional/Field Office where the exam was taken by December 4, 2023.

It’s important to note that representatives are not permitted to claim CoEs on behalf of the passers.

Additionally, aside from the letterhead CoE, passers have the option to apply for a CoE printed on security paper, with a fee, from any of the 16 CSC Regional Offices nationwide, irrespective of the location of the examination. This request should also be made by December 4, 2023.

The Career Service Examination – Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) is a general ability test intended to assess an individual’s readiness to enter government service. To pass the test, an examinee should achieve a general rating of at least 80.00.

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