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The Philippine Bar Examination serves as the pivotal professional licensure assessment for individuals aspiring to become lawyers in the Philippines. Exclusive administration rests in the hands of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, overseen by the Supreme Court Bar Examination Committee.

Enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the Supreme Court holds the exclusive authority to formulate rules governing admission to the legal profession. Unlike other professional licensure exams, the bar exam stands as a unique exception, not falling under the jurisdiction of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

This year’s examination marks a significant milestone, being the 121st edition of the historic bar examination in the Philippines.

As per the announcement from the Supreme Court of the Philippines (SC), the results of the September 2023 Philippine Bar Exam, encompassing the official roster of passers, topnotchers, and the performance of law schools, are anticipated to be disclosed on or before December 5, 2023.

As announced, 3,812 out of 10,387 (36.77%) successfully passed the bar exams.

Roll of Successful Examinees in the
Held on September 17, 20 & 24, 2023
Released on December 5, 2023

A-B Passers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
C-F Passers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
G-J Passers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
K-N Passers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
O-S Passers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
T-Z Passers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
Topnotchers: 2023 Bar Exam Results
Top Law Schools: 2023 Bar Exam Results

Bar Exam Coverage

The Supreme Court said this year’s bar exam was divided into six core subjects, determined and approved by the SC’s en banc:

  • Remedial Law, Legal and Judicial Ethics with Practical Exercises – 25%
  • Commercial and Taxation Laws – 20%
  • Civil Law – 20%
  • Political and Public International Law – 15 %
  • Labor Law and Social Legislation – 10%
  • Criminal Law – 10%

2023 Bar Exam Participation Overview:

A total of 10,791 individuals, aspiring to become lawyers, are slated to take part in the examinations. Among them, 5,821 are first-time takers, while 4,970 are re-taking the exam. The 2023 Digitized and Localized Bar Examinations unfolded across 14 testing centers nationwide, with the following distribution of examinees:

  • 1st Day (September 17, 2023): 10,400 participants (96.38%)
  • 2nd Day (September 20, 2023): 10,391 participants (96.29%)
  • 3rd Day (September 24, 2023): 10,387 participants (96.26%)

Tips for Successfully Navigating the Philippine Bar Exam

Passing the Bar Exam in the Philippines requires strategic preparation and a disciplined approach. Here are some valuable tips to guide aspiring lawyers:

  1. Commence Early Preparation: Given the comprehensive nature of the Bar Exam, initiating your studies well in advance is crucial. Aim for a preparation period of at least six months.
  2. Develop a Structured Study Plan: Organize your study schedule systematically. A well-structured study plan will keep you focused and ensure comprehensive coverage of all exam subjects.
  3. Form a Study Group: Consider teaming up with a study buddy or joining a study group. Collaborative studying can enhance motivation, provide mutual support, and facilitate discussions on challenging topics.
  4. Engage in Question Practice: Access online and library resources offering practice Bar Exam questions. Regularly practicing answering questions will familiarize you with the exam format and the types of questions posed.
  5. Take Regular Breaks: Recognize the importance of breaks in maintaining productivity. Take short breaks every hour to stretch and move around. Additionally, allocate a day off each week to recharge and prevent burnout.

Remember, a well-rounded and disciplined approach to studying, coupled with strategic planning, can significantly contribute to your success in the Philippine Bar Exam.

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