Ricci Rivero Responds to Twitter Comment from Bea Borres


Bea Borres comment to Ricci Rivero Twitter posts, “lol hanggang hard launch nag mamalinis lmfao no.” Ricci Replied “puro tweet bea gusto mo maglabasan tayo ng labada? 😅 Tara sabihan tayo kung sino talaga kumakabit? Hingi ka lifeline para may bala ka bago ka mag reply publicly for your publicity. Sayang pakikiaalam mo kung di ka kasama sa headline.”

This speculation arises from a series of interactions, particularly on social media platforms, where cryptic comments and reactions have fueled curiosity. The public’s interest in their relationship, whether personal or professional, is undeniable, and these online exchanges have only intensified the sense that something might be brewing beneath the surface.

Ricci Rivero has taken social media by storm, capturing the number one spot as the most talked-about topic. This surge in attention and discussion around the popular basketball player and social media personality is a testament to his widespread popularity and influence. Whether it’s due to his achievements in sports, his involvement in showbiz, or recent developments in his personal life, Ricci’s ability to consistently grab the top spot on social media reflects the substantial impact he has on his followers and fans.

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