Lolo Nando Tattoo Home Address in Bacolod City


In a heartwarming gesture of practicality and respect, a 70-year-old man chose to permanently ink the address of his home in Bacolod City on his body. Hernando Maturan, the grandfather behind this unique decision, made the tattoo as a precautionary measure against forgetfulness that often accompanies old age. This thoughtful act highlights the lengths some individuals go to ensure their safety and well-being, emphasizing the importance of family and home in their lives.

When tattoo artist Joey Cabiles inquired about the reason behind this particular tattoo, he was deeply moved by Maturan’s response: “Respect.” It became evident that this tattoo was not merely a practical solution but also a symbol of his profound respect for his home, a place where cherished memories and family connections reside.

Beyond the house address, Maturan also had two other images inked on his skin, underscoring the significance of his life experiences and the stories he carries with him, etched into his very being.

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