LIVE: KMJS Episode on October 22, 2023


“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” is a beloved cornerstone of Filipino television, widely recognized as a prestigious news magazine and lifestyle program broadcast on the GMA Network. This show is artfully hosted by the esteemed Filipino broadcast journalist, Jessica Soho. Throughout its extensive history, it has firmly entrenched itself as a lasting fixture in Philippine television, earning accolades for its captivating and informative segments.

The program delves into a diverse range of topics, spanning human interest stories, travel, culture, cuisine, and current events. It consistently presents heartwarming and inspirational narratives from various corners of the Philippines and around the world. Additionally, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” features investigative segments that provide in-depth analyses of significant issues and events.

Over the years, the show has cultivated a devoted fan base and has become a pillar of the GMA Network’s lineup. Its unwavering commitment to outstanding journalism and storytelling has garnered it numerous awards and honors, solidifying its reputation as a paragon of excellence in the industry.

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