Daria Ramirez has a request for her ex-husband Joey De Leon


In a candid and deeply personal interview on Ogie Diaz’s vlog, veteran actress Daria Ramirez addressed a heartfelt message directly to her former husband, the renowned Pinoy Henyo, Joey De Leon. During this emotional interaction, Daria expressed a sincere hope that Joey might consider offering her financial assistance. Her open plea suggested a longing for support in the midst of her current challenges, revealing the vulnerability behind her request for help.

Beyond her appeal for financial aid, Daria also disclosed a surprising and critical matter: her request to Joey De Leon for a copy of their annulment papers. Remarkably, she revealed that she has been without this crucial document, emphasizing the importance of obtaining it. This heartfelt plea underscored not only her financial struggles but also the practical need to address and formalize the legal aspects of their past relationship, shedding light on the significance of the missing paperwork for her.

Daria’s open and personal plea to her ex-husband revealed a complex layer of unmet needs, encompassing both financial and legal aspects. Her honest and open communication on the vlog not only highlighted her present challenges but also touched upon the unresolved elements stemming from their past relationship, illustrating a poignant request for both emotional and practical support.

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