Watch: Raffy Tulfo in Action Episode on September 25, 2023


Raffy Tulfo in Action” is a highly acclaimed television and social media program in the Philippines, spearheaded by the esteemed host, Raffy Tulfo. The show’s primary objective revolves around addressing a broad spectrum of issues and conflicts that ordinary Filipinos frequently encounter.

Its immense popularity can be attributed to its distinctive format, which prominently features conflict resolution, practical solutions, legal guidance, and an unwavering commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of those who bring forward their grievances.

Recognized as a staunch advocate for the underprivileged, particularly laborers who often turn to his radio show for assistance, Raffy Tulfo has affectionately earned titles such as “Mr. Action Man” and “Idol Raffy” among his devoted followers. His unwavering dedication to championing the rights of the disadvantaged has made him a beloved figure in the Philippines’ media landscape.

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