CONFIRMED: Rhian Ramos Releases Statement On Alleged “Secret” Romantic Relationship With Michelle Dee


The actress publicly discussed her supposed “secret” love connection with Michelle Dee, Miss Universe Philippines 2023.

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The “Royal Blood” actor told the source that she and Michelle Dee had quite a number of “shippers,” prior to the latter came out as bisexual.

Rhian says this is mostly due to the fact that and Michelle are frequently seen together.

“Naku matagal na yan. Actually even before she came out as bisexual, like two years ago, marami na kaming shippers,” she explained. “Ang iba siguro hindi alam na we live in the same house.”

The actress went on to say that they laugh at stories regarding their claimed “secret” relationship because “para nga kaming mag-asawa na na.”

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However, when questioned whether she is concerned about how it may effect her image, she stated that she is not concerned and that she may have get used to it. The actress noted that people have misconceptions all the time, therefore it doesn’t upset her.

“Hindi naman. I don’t worry. Siguro sanay na rin ako. People always have misconceptions so it doesn’t really bother me,” she explained. “I mean, as long as people I’m very close to know who I am then I don’t really worry what others might think.”

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