Actual Video: A Sky Lantern in Thailand Explodes After Failing to Float in Midair Goes Viral

A sky light at a Thai event sunk to the ground instead of booming. The lantern is seen tumbling to the ground and people scurrying away in the footage that posted on Thursday. The lamp supposedly contained explosives and after a time blew.

The event did not result in any injuries, the report states. At a celebration in Thailand, attendees were forced to flee for shelter when a floating lantern with a firework inside dropped and went off. There were no reported injuries. The Thailand Sky Lantern Festival is another name for Yi Peng.

In Thai, these sky lanterns are known as khom loi, which translates as floating lanterns. The lighting of lanterns is thought to drive away evil spirits and to hope for prosperity and luck in the upcoming year.

Thai Lantern Festival: This festival represents luck and fresh starts.

As a sign of fresh beginnings, when you throw your lantern (or krathong) into the air or into a river, you are expected to wish all your troubles and bad luck away with it.

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