VIRAL: Sunshine Cruz Confirms and Reveal Reason of Breakup with Macky Mathay

Sunshine Cruz spoke on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” where she discussed her split with Macky Mathay.

The actress stated that she preferred to remain silent since there were kids involved.

“I chose to be quiet because merong mga bata na involved—mga anak niya na napamahal sa akin at ‘yung mga anak ko na napamahal kay Macky,” Sunshine explained.

She stated that she chose to remain silent because the overall public is unaware of what she has been dealing through.

Shine emphasized three important aspects of a relationship and stated that if any of the three are missing, the relationship will no longer work.

“Tatlo ang importanteng bagay sa relationship—hindi lang love. Dapat nando’n ang trust, nando’n ang respect,” she emphasized.

She also stated that chances are given, but one would wake up one day and discover that the relationship is going nowhere.

When questioned if there was a third party, she stated that she could not disclose it.

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