VIRAL NOW: Vice Ganda Criticized by Teachers Over Statement About Class Recitation


Teachers reacted strongly to Kapamilya comedian and TV star Vice Ganda’s remark concerning class recitation.

After his appearance on the television program as “YourMeme” in a segment, the It’s Showtime host quickly became a viral on social media. The comedian expressed his opinion on the practice of teachers reciting in class.

If elected, “YorMeme” claims he will bar instructors from calling pupils who do not raise their hands during recitations or when the teacher calls students to answer questions. He contended that the solution should be provided by the teacher, or that if the answer is unknown, do not inquire.

Teachers, on the other hand, respond to his statement since it is considered to as a “teaching approach,” claiming that the teachers had no intention of making the students feel embarrassed. It’s also used to see if kids are paying attention in class.

It is proposed that Vice refrain from making such remarks since what he said appears to have been “vindicated” because the public liked his lectures, and students who did not want to engage in the discussion may use this idea.

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