An Imprisoned Pregnant Woman Goes Amok While In Jail And Gets Viral

A pregnant lady in jail in Florida, USA, due to a murder charge, feels ashamed of the court’s decision to free her because the kid in our womb is innocent. According to Agence France-Presse, Natalia Harrell, 24, has been in jail for seven months in connection with the m*rder charge she faces. Harell reportedly shot and m*rdered a lady in Florida in July.

Harrell was arrested when six months pregnant. Harrell’s side said in a plea filed last week that she was carrying a pistol and feared for her life and the unborn child.

According to reports, Harrell is not receiving sufficient medical treatment in jail. According to the petition, “the fetus has not committed any crime,” but it is imprisoned in what he called “deplorable conditions.”

If their petition is denied, the baby will be born “on the concrete floor of the prison cell,” according to Atty. According to AFP, William Norris was summoned by the father of the unborn kid to file a petition “on behalf of the fetus.” “The child didn’t have a seat at the table when the decision was made to put the mother in jail,” Norris said.

The petition claimed that “the unborn child is a person.” In June, a pregnant lady in Texas was penalized for driving in a high-occupancy carpool lane. The pregnant lady maintained that the baby in her womb should be deemed a “second passenger.”

What happened in Texas was noted because it occurred five days after the US Supreme Court invalidated the Roe v Wade abortion right. The final order leaves the choice to regulate the right to abortion to each state in the United States.

According to Norris, his claim that Harrell will also profit is a “consequence” of the Supreme Court verdict rather than a “direct result.”
“It’s interesting how society moves forward,” Norris told AFP. “People are starting to recognize that an unborn child is a person.”

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