Vilma Santos Breaks Silence about Luis and Jessy’s Baby Peanut

Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos happily gushes about her “apo,” and this is what she stated, according to Cristy Fermin.

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola welcomed their first child, Peanut, or Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano, before the year 2023 began. Jessy delivered birth in December 2022, and they joyfully publicized the good news with the public in January 2023.

They made certain that their baby’s first month was spent entirely with them, and they avoided putting her images online. And one month later, they eventually exposed their baby’s face, and the wait of their followers and supporters seemed to be worthwhile as their eyes were met with Rosie’s lovely and heavenly face.

Cristy Fermin, an experienced entertainment writer, was excited and happy to convey what Vilma Santos said about her first grandchild.

According to Fermin, the Star for All Seasons gushed about Rosie and declared that if the parents let her, she would upload updated images of the baby every day.

“Pag ako pinayagan ng mga magulang niya, araw-araw magpo-post ako ng bago niyang picture,” she claimed.

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