Vice Ganda Posted a Video of Jollibee Chicken Joy “Chicken Sad day”


Vice Ganda, the “Unkabogable” entertainer, expressed his sadness at Jollibee’s did not include gravy with their renowned Chicken Joy.

The comedian was sharing a package of chicken from the well-known fast food chain Jollibee when he nearly broke down in tears.

According to his video, he purchased a 2-piece Chicken Joy meal from Jollibee. But when he opened the meal package, he was surprised to find no gravy.

“Ang pinakamalungkot na nangyari sa akin ngayon sa pagpasok ng taon 2023 ay ito: ang Jollibee Chicken Joy na walang gravy. Ang lungkot naman noon. Ba’t naman ganoon? Jollibee Petron Nlex, walang gravy? Wala na ba talagang kasamang gravy?,” Vice stated.

“Walang gravy? Ang lungkot. Chicken sad , hindi Chicken Joy. Walang gravy, Jollibee? Ang lungkot,” Vice expressed sadness in his video.

On the video-streaming website, his video became popular and stirred up a range of reactions in viewers.

Similar to Vice supporters, Jollibee Chicken Joy customers complained that the meal was lacking in flavor without the gravy.


Such a Chicken Sad day. 💔 I love you GRAVY wherever you are. You will forever be missed! #fyp

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