“Lisa Leave YG” is Trending After BLACKPINK’s Lisa was Allegedly Mistreated by YG Entertainment

An insider in South Korean entertainment reported on January 23, 2023, that BLACKPINK’s Lisa had been offered $81 million USD (100 billion KRW) to leave YG Entertainment.

According to an analyst report, NH Investment & Securities predicts that K-pop girl group BLACKPINK will renew their contract with their agency, YG Entertainment. However, a Munhwa Ilbo media report contains contradictory information.

As BLACKPINK’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment expires in August 2023, many outlets are speculating on whether the group will stay with them or join other agencies. Munhwa Ilbo reported that it will be difficult for YG Entertainment because the members of the group are being offered much higher pay from other labels.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement when they learned that BLACKPINK’s Lisa had been offered $81 million USD. BLINKs, as a group, want her to change labels. One follower tweeted:

#BLACKPINK’s #LISA will reportedly be offered 100B KRW ($81M) to leave YG Entertainment.

Fans want BLACKPINK’s Lisa to leave YG Entertainment because they believe she has been mistreated by the agency in the past.

According to Korean media, BLACKPINK will not break their loyalty to YG Entertainment for money. According to K-insiders, YG Entertainment should offer more than 20 trillion won per member. Some fans believe that the formation of the new band Baby Monster was done to finalize the group’s contract renewal.

When the news of Lisa being offered $81 billion went viral on social media, YG Entertainment’s stock dropped precipitously, and fans rejoiced at the agency’s demise. The reason BLINKs are overjoyed about Label’s death is because of the treatment they give Lisa. They believe that they have never treated her like the other members of the group since its inception.

Fans want BLACKPINK’s Lisa to leave YG and take the money she is currently being offered now that she has demonstrated her worth in the South Korean entertainment industry. They want her to be free of the label so she can develop as an artist without fear of being exploited by an agency.

It has also been reported that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has absolute and powerful influence in South East Asia, such as China, and that the contract renewal with YG Entertainment would be a difficult process. As a result, the label should prepare to offer more money and assurance to the group’s members.

There are numerous reasons why fans want BLACKPINK’s Lisa to reconsider her decision to renew her contract with the agency in August. Fans claim that the agency mistreated her on numerous occasions because she is originally from Thailand and has nothing to do with South Korean citizenship.

When BLACKPINK’s Lisa requested that she be sent to a dance show, her label instead sent her to a military show, where she had to work like a real soldier and endure many difficult circumstances. According to fans, she was hurt and couldn’t stop crying. Aside from that, Lisa has been absent from a number of programs and events.

Furthermore, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s fans recall YG only paying for a Weibo promotional advertisement for Jisso, Jennie, and Rose. With the exception of the Money singer, all three members were visible on the banner.

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