Antonette Gail Gave Birth to Her son Baby Meteor with Whamos Cruz


Whamos Cruz, a popular social media personality, just became a father after his partner Antonette Gail gave birth to their baby.

On January 24, at 6 o’clock in the evening, Whamos posted a video on Facebook showing their child, Baby Meteor, resting on his bed.

Whamos Cruz and Antoinette Gail with their son Baby Meteor has made him delighted. He could not hide his concern as he awaited his mother and son.

In the video that Whamos posted, it is noticeable that he stayed with Antoinette during her birth and gave her encouragement. He only waited in their room since Whamos was no longer with him in the birthing room.

When Whamos finally got hold of his baby, he was unable to contain his happiness. He allegedly inherited Antoinette’s white appearance, and their son also has a pierced nose.

Whamos continued to look for Antoniette after she gave birth.

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