WATCH: Vhong Navarro’s Wife was Furious about the Allegations he was Facing

Marie Test

Tanya Bautista, Vhong Navarro’s wife, expressed her grief about the resurgence of the claims against the TV host.

Tanya appeared in the media on Wednesday to provide an update on Vhong, who she described as “broken” owing to the case’s unexpected turns after eight years, such as his arrest by the National Bureau of Investigation for non-bailable ràpe charges.

Tanya requested a dispensation at one point during her outburst. She stated that the experience had disheartened her. She stated, “I am not that strong. I only appear strong for Vhong.”

She also described their existence as a roller coaster due to the combination of good and terrible news. She did, however, highlight the outpouring of sympathy they had received.

Tanya is concerned about the other party’s request that Vhong be sent to Taguig City Jail. “I’m concerned about his safety there,” she stated.

Tanya and Vhong recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary as well as 14 years of marriage.

Vhong stated in his post that he and Tanya depend on one another through all of life’s ups and downs. He also stated that he adores his wife, an ABS-CBN International writer.

Tanya expressed gratitude to her concerned friends.

Tanya didn’t have a message for the other party, but she argued, tearfully, that whatever sin Vhong had done against her had been wiped away by their love.

Tanya feels that her husband will be acquitted of perverting justice in due course.

She stated that she and Vhong’s attorneys will continue to fight for Vhong’s right to bail in his case.

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