Rowena Raquel Fernandez Work as a Teacher?


A video of the retired policeman who was caught by his legal wife with his m!stress inside a lodging house is now viral.

The legal wife, together with the police, went up to a room of the lodging house and caught her husband having a good time with his m!stress named Rowena Raquel Fernandez, who worked as a teacher. 

The man in the viral video was identified as Edgar Allan Marces, a retired Police Executive Master Sergeant of PS15 Personnel in Davao City. 

Many people now express their feelings on social media about the status of the m!stress, which turns out to be a teacher.

Several of them regretted and were furious about why this was done. She should have shown that he was a respected teacher.

As of writing, no statement has been released from the side of teacher Rowena Raquel Fernandez.

Here’s the link of the viral video.

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