Barangay Kagawad Jonathan “Tanjo” Rasimo was Accused Today in the Disappearance of Jovelyn Gallenos


Barangay Kagawad, who is now accused in the disappearance of Jovelyn Gallenos, was a Bgy barangay councilor. Sta. Lourdes in Puerto Princesa City is currently being related to the case of Jovelyn Galleno’s disappearance. This is called Kgd. Jonathan “Tanjo” Rasimo is a member of the Barangay’s Peace and Order committee.

The officer who planted the jewelry near a banana tree in the neighborhood where the suspect, Leobert Dasmarias, lives has been identified. The Galleno family confirmed that the jewels belonged to Jovelyn. However, according to Kgd. There is no truth in Rasimo’s claim that he buried or buried the girl’s bracelet and necklace, which were discovered on August 25, 2022.

He claimed that the suspect’s sister, Jennifer Lozada, claimed that someone other than Leobert planted the girl’s jewelry. As a result, Kgd stated that the jewelry was tested on August 26, 2022, or the day after it was discovered. Rasimo wanted to talk to Jennifer about people going to places they don’t know about again, but she never did. Meanwhile, the officer wishes to speak with those who have linked him to the controversial case.

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