VIRAL: Bb Pilipinas 2022 Judge Reveals The Reason Why He Decided To Wear Shorts

During the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 coronation night, Cecilio Asuncion, founder and model director of Slay Model Management, based in Los Angeles, California, drew attention for wearing shorts.

It was unusual for Cecilio Asuncion. He came dressed in shorts and a barong Tagalog as his top. His black high socks and burgundy Dr. Martens shoes finished off his attire. 

Netizens who were watching the contest on the internet questioned this. Some people feel that his attire as a Bb Pilipinas judge for 2022 was improper

Asuncion responded to concerns from online users on his attire for the coronation night in a current Facebook post. He explained that it was done to highlight the works of Filipino designers.

Asuncion explained, “Sa lahat na nagtatanong bakit ako naka shorts, ito ay dahil pinili kong magsuot ng gawa ng pinoy na designer na si Avel Bacudio na mula sa tela na galing sa Mindanao at ang bag ko naman ay gawa ni Zarah Juan.”

During pageant or coronation night, the candidates’ attire is not the only thing on display. For certain participants, visitors, and VIPs, this has also evolved into a fashion show. 

Women are supposed to wear long gowns to these kind of events, and males are expected to wear a suit or barong Tagalog.

The Bb Pilipinas 2022 judge reaffirmed his point to people who were questioning his attire that evening before concluding his post.

Asuncion remarked, “Sa mga bumabatikos sa pagpili ko ng suot ko, sana magsumikap kayo at balang araw, ma-invite rin kayo mag judge. Love you, mean it!”

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