VIDEO: Vice Ganda Statement About Rumors that He and Ion Perez have Separated “Mga damonyong ‘to”


Vice Ganda openly answered the allegations that he and Ion Perez had already split up that are circulating.

In the Philippines, Vice Ganda is a well-known comedian, actor, entrepreneur, and host. He is well known for presenting “It’s Showtime” and for his MMFF films that were widely popular.

The comedian disproved the aforementioned allegations in the most recent episode of “It’s Showtime.”

Additionally, The Unkabogable Phenomenal Star broadcast some direct responses to tsismosas who assert that he and Ion do not get along.

“Masaya kami, ‘wag kayong gumawa ng, mga tsismosa kayo. Hiwalay na daw kami ni Ion?” he stated.

Vice Ganda said, “‘Tong mga damonyong ‘to. Hoy mga damonyo!”

He further continued, “Pero masaya kami rito, masaya kaming pamilya, masaya kaming magdyo-jowa. Kaya ‘wag kayong anong mga damonyo kayo.”

The celebrity and Ion Perez are officially together. On October 19, 2021, Vice Ganda and Ion were presented with their Certificate of Commitment during a special ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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