VIDEO: Bella Poarch Confess Having Crush on Joshua Garcia “We message a lot”

Bella Poarch, a Filipino-American singer, acknowledged having a crush on Joshua Garcia, a Kapamilya star.

Joshua was picked by Bella as her favorite Filipino actor in an ABS-CBN News broadcast.

She informed the ABS-CBN News exclusively, “My favorite Filipino actor right now is Joshua Garcia. Crush ko ‘yun eh. Crush ko ‘yun eh si Joshua. We message a lot. He already knows what I’m gonna say.”

The 25-year-old native of Pangasinan spoke with ABS-CBN News about how much she misses the country, particularly around the holidays.

Joshua was already aware of her affections for him, she added.

“We message a lot. He already knows what I’m gonna say,” she remarked.

In a current TikTok video, Bella was allegedly “cooking” unpeeled apples, but she kept getting distracted by thinking about the actor, who was featured in the video.

Bella captioned the post, “Singer ba siya.”

Joshua commented on the post with three peeking emoticons, to which Bella responded with a shushing emoji.

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