Jovert Valdestamon Revealed Information About Jovelyn Galleno’s Disappearance

Leobert described Jovert as the suspected mastermind of their cousin’s kidnapping. According to Jovert, he remembered what Leobert had mentioned him about his desire to abduct Jovelyn, so he connected it to his cousin Jovelyn’s abduction. This strategy is claimed to have been discussed with Leobert in April, but it never materialized with him. He went on to say that he and Leobert hadn’t spoken in a long time. They did not talk about who and where the excavation would be, so he was taken aback when Leobert accused him of the murdér.

Jovert is believed to be prepared to demonstrate that he has nothing to do with the charges leveled against him. He stated that he was working at the building site on August 5. He also had no idea why he had been accused in the crime. According to Radyo Bandera Philippines, there is a commercial facility in Brgy. Tagburos produced further CCTV evidence to confirm the girl was in the multicab.

Jovelyn Galleno, 22, is a working student that works in a mall in Palawan. Her absence on August 5, 2022 shocked everyone. According to his family’s and even his manager’s remarks, at 6:30 p.m. He was allowed to leave his job and speak with her brother, but she did not return back.

Jovelyn’s cousin stated that he did not touch his cousin, but that he was involved in the girl’s kidnapping. When Jovelyn got off the multicab, he told them that they were waiting for him. He spoke in detail about what his coworker reportedly did to his cousin after they transported him to the location where he was abused. It is worth recalling that Leobert Dasmarias taught the PNP where they left Jovelyn’s c0rpsé.

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The next day, Jovelyn’s cousin completely admitted to the girl’s [email protected]é. From what he mentioned previously, it is clear that he was only a lookout and did not touch his cousin.

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