Danilo Federez, the Puppeteer of ‘Unang Hirit’s’ Arn-arn, Passed Away at the Age of 62

Danilo “Totong” Federez, the voice and puppeteer behind Arn-arn, died today, August 17. He was 62 years old at the time.

Maris Montemayor Federez, the puppeteer’s wife, confirmed his dèath today on Facebook.

“I love you, daddy. In God’s grace we’ll see each other again. Salamat sa Dios (Thank God),” she said.

During today’s episode of “Unang Hirit,” where Arn-arn appeared as his sidekick, Arnold Clavio also revealed Danilo’s dèath. According to the broadcaster, Danilo died in his sleep.

Meanwhile, the team behind the morning show paid tribute to Danilo and expressed their condolences to his family on Facebook today.

“REST IN PEACE, TOTONG. Nakikiramay ang buong Unang Hirit sa pamilya ni Danilo ’Totong’ Federez, ang puppeteer sa likod ni ‘Arn-arn,’” they said.

Danilo’s health problems began in 2017, when he suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for two months, as seen in the December 2019 episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

At the time, he admitted to having difficulty speaking and walking. He also thanked Clavio and his fellow “Unang Hirit” colleagues for their help following his stroke.

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