Cagayan K!lling: Two Children were Murdéréď while their Grandma Evelyn Perez Survived

According to a report by GMA Regional TV Balitang Amianan, Unang Balita stated Thursday that the terrible event involving a knife assault occurred in the victims’ residence in Sta. Cagayan’s Teresita.

Police named the victims as (not their real names) Marco, six, and Maria, five, who diéď as a result of multiple [email protected] wounds.

Evelyn Perez, 64, a retired school principal who is now a businesswoman, is in the hospital recovering from [email protected] wounds.

According to the first police investigation, the suspect, Gerry Genova, who used to oversee Perez’s farms, broke into the victims’ home on Monday.

Perez exited the room after hearing a peculiar noise in the kitchen area. When she returned, the culprit was there waiting for her, and he [email protected]ď her many times.

The uproar awakens one of the children, attracting Genova’s attention and motivating him to knife the two to [email protected]

According to the police complaint, the suspect then tied the injured Perez before removing all of the cash, jewels, and jewelry from the room and fleeing.

Later, the detectives apprehended Genova, who is now facing various criminal accusations.

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