Andi Eigenmann Revealed that Cherie Gil Passed Away Peacefully in Her Sleep

The actress, Andi Eigenmann, disclosed that Cherie Gil, her aunt, had been fighting cancer for about a year.

Andi stated Cherie passed away on August 5 in her sleep on her Instagram account. 

According to Andi, “Cherie was diagnosed with a rare form of endometrial cancer in October of last year after deciding to relocate to New York City to be closer to her children.” 

She continued, “She then underwent treatment at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.” 

Andi claimed that only their family was aware of Cherie’s health because she did not want the whole public to be aware of it.

“Cherie fought bravely against her illness, with grace and strength.” Despite her struggles, she always managed to exude courage and never lost her trademark sass, wit, and infectious humour, or her larger-than-life personality. “She spent her last days surrounded by family and loved ones,” the actress stated.

“While we are deeply saddened by our loss and still mourn her passing, we are incredibly moved by the outpouring of love and support for her and our family; evidence of just how many lives Cherie touched,” Andi added. 

Along with Andi, other relatives of Cherie Eigenmann, especially her brother, actor Michael de Mesa, and her nephew, actor Sid Lucero, posted and mourned Cherie’s passing.

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