Alexa Miro Reveals What Sandro Marcos Told Her About Báshing

Alexa Miro revealed what Ilocos Norte First District Representative Sandro Marcos told her about handling with the báshing.

Alexa became a trendy topic on social media after speculations tying her to the president’s son circulated.

Photos of them taken elsewhere have also surfaced online.

Alexa previously stated that she and Sandro are very good friends. She also revealed that their alleged vacation abroad was indeed for a friend’s wedding.

According to a recent interview, the celebrity confirmed her friendship with the young politician.

Alexa Miro further stated that the báshing has not damaged their connection. Sandro Marcos, she claimed, informed her that other people’s perceptions don’t matter as long as she understands what she stands for.

Alexa Miro also stated that she had accepted the criticism. She understands these speculations will end up, and if they do, she has no command over the media.

“Medyo well-adjusted na po ako because I think I’ve learned how to blur out what needs to be blurred out, the background noise, and I’m focused on myself, my career, what I can do for other people, so ayun,” the noontime program host explained.

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