LOOK: Lucky Me! Releases Official Statement on Ethylene Oxide Warning

Due to a warning that certain of its products have Ethylene Oxide, the Philippine-based instant noodle company issued an official statement.

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Previously, numerous European Union countries released health warnings not to eat the famous Filipino instant noodles brand “Lucky Me” “due to high level of ethylene oxide.”

The governments of Ireland, France, and Malta have requested the recall of the instant noodles in concern. The following flavors are being mentioned: ‘original,’ ‘beef noodles,’ ‘kalamansi,’ ‘hot chili,’ and ‘chilimansi.’

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Lucky Me! has issued an official statement in response to the reported presence of ethylene oxide in its goods.

Ethylene oxide is a hazardous chemical that is often used in the production of pesticides and disinfectants.

According to the Philippine-based instant noodle company, its goods are being recalled in European countries and Taiwan.

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Lucky Me also stated that Ethylene Oxide is not included to their goods and is only used to treat spices and seeds in order to reduce microbial growth.

According to Consumer Notice, a consumer advocacy organization, ethylene oxide is “an environmental pollutant and is toxic to humans.”

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Lucky Me! is a brand of instant noodles sold in the Philippines. It was first introduced in 1989 and is currently sold and owned by Monde Nissin.

Here is Lucky Me!’s official statement  :

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