John Lloyd Cruz Chosen As The Official Photographer for Cinemalaya 2022

The appointment of John Lloyd Cruz as the official photographer for Cinemalaya 2022 gave him a new accomplishment.

John Lloyd had only lately accomplished something new.

According to an article in the Philippine Entertainment Portal, he has been designated by the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival organizers as the official photographer of all full-length and short film entries this year.

In 2022, he plays a photographer in the film festival, showcasing another aspect of his artistic character.

According to John Lloyd Cruz, “He is official portrait photographer of the 11 filmmakers in competition.” 

The director furthermore revealed that MM Yu, a painter-photographer who recipient of the  of CCP’s 13 Artist Awards in 2009, suggested the A-list actor for the role.

On Facebook, Millado posted images from the photoshoot that John Lloyd had with the individuals responsible for this year’s entries.

One of the directors who entered a film, director Zig Dulay, expressed his delight about using the A-lister as his photographer.

Dulay remarked, “Mga kapitbahay, kalma! Hindi ako ang salarin, at hindi rin ito sa SOCO pero utang na loob minsan lang mangyari ‘to — model ako ng The John lloyd Cruz! Yes, mga marites, si Popoy nga!” 

On July 20, a “photographer reveal” post was released on Cinemalaya’s official Facebook page. 

The post describes how each year, the film festival organizers invite photographers to take pictures of the entries, but this year is special since an actor was picked to do it.

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