Hidilyn Diaz’s Fiancé, Julius Naranjo, Proposed a Prenuptial Agreement

Hidilyn Diaz’s fiance, requested that she sign a prenuptial agreement, stating that their union is based on their love and “not anything material.”

This was verified by the gold medalist from the Olympics and Naranjo, who also serves as Diaz’s coach-trainer, in an exclusive interview with presenter Karen Davila, which was published on her YouTube channel yesterday, July 23.

“Money can be a deal breaker for many couples. But I heard — is that true — that you offered to sign a prenup before marrying Hidilyn?” Karen questioned Julius.

“I think things like that are so normal these days. Whether it happens or not, when we get married it’s about loving each other,” he stated.

“It’s not about the properties or whatever. It’s not about anything material. The marriage is about us, continuing to work for us.”

Then Davila asked Diaz if Naranjo’s actions made her respect him more, and Diaz answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, of course. Napatunayan [niyang] mahal [niya] ako. Para sa akin kasi it’s just a piece of paper and what’s important is us,” Hidilyn stated.

Diaz added that she intends to become pregnant after the 2024 Summer Olympics and that she and Naranjo are eager to start a family soon. After Davila questioned Diaz about whether she was prepared to put parenthood before her work, Diaz talked about her dedication to becoming a mother.

“Sa tingin ko, ready naman [ako] kasi pinili ko. As a person, ‘pag pinili ko or nando’n na [ako], committed ako,” she added.

In October 2021, Diaz and Naranjo announced their engagement. They plan to marry on July 26, the day she earned the country’s first Olympic gold medal, in Baguio City.

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