Coming Soon: A Return Single from Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo is getting ready for her comeback after her agency, Viva Artists Agency, hinted at her next track.

Viva announced the pop star’s return on its Instagram page yesterday, July 21, after she had kept a low profile for a number of years.

“SURPRISE! The Popstar royalty [Sarah Geronimo] is here at the Viva [headquarters]. Watch out for her upcoming comeback single! Malapit na malapit na (Coming very, very soon),” the agency said.

This comes a few days after “ASAP Natin’ To” stated that Geronimo will be returning to the weekend variety program, though the singer’s precise comeback date has not yet been made public as of this writing.

In early 2021, recorded or virtual performances were released after Geronimo’s last appearance on “ASAP Natin’ To” in 2020.

Even though she hasn’t been active in the entertainment industry recently, Geronimo has been keeping herself busy with the creation of “G Studios,” which appears to be a production studio she will share with her husband, Matteo Guidicelli, even though she hasn’t been active in the entertainment industry recently.

The pair just returned from their first trip to Sicily, Italy. They also spoke on Filipino-Italian relations with Marco Clemente, the Italian ambassador to the Philippines, last month.

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