Toni Gonzaga ‘Literal na Nag-iisa’, Mariel Padilla Says

The former Pinoy Big Brother anchor Mariel Padilla sent this touching greeting to actress-host Toni Gonzaga.

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The Kapamilya reality show’s hosts for a while were Mariel and Toni. Her connection with Toni and the new show’s main host, Bianca Gonzales, continued after Mariel made the decision to quit.

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In a previous Instagram post, Mariel featured a picture of Toni and expressed her joy for her friend in the description.

“Soooo excited for you!!! Tomorrow (June 30) is your victory as well!!! Proud of you, my friend @celestinegonzaga,” Mariel Padilla remarked.

The Philippine National Anthem will be sung by Toni Gonzaga at the inauguration ceremony for President-elect Bongbong Marcos. Throughout the campaign season, Toni and her husband, the respected director Paul Soriano, have been highly engaged.

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The image Mariel posted on her Instagram Story shows Toni standing by herself on the stage where the inauguration was scheduled to take place. “Literal na nag-iisa ka,” Mariel stated, might indicate  two meanings.

toni gonzaga mariel padilla post

Toni Gonzaga received praise from President-elect Bongbong Marcos in a prior remark, which was based on an item in the Manila Bulletin.

Siya (Toni) ang nagsimula ng kampanyang ito. I never imagined that this elegant lady can withstand all the criticisms. Sabi ko nga Paul, ‘yung asawa mo is badass,” PBBM stated.

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When PBBM appeared as a guest on Toni Talks on YouTube, the criticism of Toni began. Even before the presidential campaign had officially begun, she conducted a number of interviews with politicians.

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