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Pacquiao Critiques Candidates who Refuse Media Interviews “Hindi Maganda ang Intensiyon mo” 

Sen. Manny Pacquiao said Saturday that candidates who continue to skip media interviews should be rebuked, stressing that they are all “job applicants.”

Pacquiao says he is not to be counted out of presidential race -  BusinessWorld Online

Pacquiao told the reporter that, “Kung ang isang tao ba nag-apply ng trabaho sa inyo, kailangan niyo talaga ng interviewhin, tanungin, ano’ng programa ang kaya niya.”

The boxer-turned-politician stated that he was not referring to a specific candidate, but rather to all those seeking national or local office.

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According to him, all candidates are expected to answer media questions, particularly during the campaign time.

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Pacquiao added that voters must be “intelligent” enough to comprehend why certain candidates reject to be questioned by media.

“Makikita niyo sa panahon ng pangangampanya palang ugali kung mabuti o hindi,” he explained.

“Kung maganda ang intensiyon mo, open ihayag mo lahat ng plataporma mo, ihayag ang mga plano… Pero kung hindi maganda ang intensiyon mo, siyempre may itatago ka, iiwas ka sa mga tanong,” he continued.

Pacquiao to fight drugs 'the right way' if elected Philippines' president

He believes the people should be concerned about candidates’ unwillingness to appear in front of the media.

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