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Liza Soberano Wishes to Work in Hollywood

MANILA — According to her talent manager, veteran entertainment writer Ogie Diaz, actress Liza Soberano hopes to pursue a career in Hollywood.

In his most recent vlog, which was posted on Wednesday morning, Diaz discussed Soberano’s future intentions.

“Ang alam ko talaga ‘yun nga, iba na ang career na tatahakin ni Liza. May career pa rin siya rito pero gusto niyang magkaroon din ng opportunity sa Hollywood,” Diaz said.

“Ang importante ngayon kay Liza ay ang kanyang inner happiness at ‘yan naman ay nakikita ko sa kanya na happy siya inside, ‘yun ang importante,” he added.

Diaz discussed the actress’ intentions while responding to rumors about her trip to Los Angeles, where she was seen attending the Gold House Gala with actor James Reid.

Diaz emphasized that Soberano and Reid are simply friends and that the actress and Gil are still very much in a relationship.

“Ako naniniwala na sila pa rin. Nagkataon lang na may family affair si Quen sa Spain at ‘yung kanyang tour doon sila ay mayroon din,” Diaz said

“Basta ako naniniwala friends si Liza at si James Reid,” Diaz added.

Gil is presently in Spain with his family, while Soberano is visiting her brother in the United States.

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