Pres. Duterte: “…China Will Invade…sa intelligence briefing” Duterte Exposes a Chinese Invasion if Putin Uses Nukes

President Rodrigo Duterte warns of a Chinese “invasion” if Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to deploy nuclear weapons in the Ukraine crisis on Monday.

Duterte made the statements in the midst of Russia’s and Ukraine’s continuing military war, which began on February 23.

“Kung talagang maipit si Putin at pindutin iyong pulang button, wala na. Then my thinking is, pag mag ganun ‘yan, China will invade, sa intelligence briefing, tatamaan talaga tayo,” Duterte stated during a Malacaan event in which numerous bills were signed into law.

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“That was my reason why they [Americans] are unrestricted [here]. Pipilitin ng mga Amerikano eh. Talagang brusko ang mga Amerikano,”┬áDuterte continued.

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Duterte went on to say that a nuclear assault may be first unrecognizable.

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