“She is really wise when it comes to money” Luis says, Admiring his Wife’s Financial Knowledge


Luis Manzano seems unworried with his wife Jessy Mediola’s massive spending habits. Buying brand products among their social group is typical, but his one-year-old wife does not buy expensive accessories on the heat of the moment.

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 “She is really wise when it comes to money. Hindi siya bili nang bili.” Luis says, pleased of his wife’s financial acumen.
“For her, if she’s gonna buy something, she’ll sell something first. Hindi siya impulsive na when she sees something online, automatic buy. She’s really, really smart when it comes to her money, to her expenses.” Luis added.

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He recalled Jessy consulting him about a bag she wanted to buy the day before his Toblerone press conference in early February. When he asked how much it would cost her, she replied that she was selling another piece before purchasing a new one.
The TV host also stated that he appreciates it when Jessy seeks his advice when purchasing luxury items.

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“I always make sure na ‘pag may bibilhin siya on the pricey side, as much as possible, it’s gonna hold its value more or appreciate in the long run,” Luis said. 

Luis, to be sure, appreciates simplicity. He values thoughtful gifts, whether they are simple dinners prepared by his wife or expensive items.

“I’ve always wanted to do something special for my wife for Valentine’s. Of course, isasabay ko na ‘yung wedding anniversary. But one thing is, I guess you don’t need to wait for an exact date to celebrate love, to enjoy the holidays. Para sa akin, every day should be courtship, every day should be Valentine’s and you always have to do sweet surprises for your loved ones. Kumbaga, you always need to have that conscious effort to make your partner happy,” he added. 

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Last Valentine’s Day, which also happened to be his and Jessy’s first wedding anniversary, he revealed that the two occasions would be celebrated separately.

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