Lolit Solis: “Cool glances all around” Lolit Solis was Overwhelmed by Kris Aquino’s Emotional Maturity and Width of Understanding

According to a new social media post by veteran showbiz veteran Lolit Solis, Kris Aquino is emotionally matured and has a broader understanding of things. Kris, according to the columnist, isn’t into power trips and would typically respond to criticism with grace. Lolit stated that she has demonstrated with Kris that if a person has a high level of intelligence, her outlook on life is cool and broad. She said that she missed Kris’s laidback attitude when dealing with the experienced showbiz columnist’s occasional outbursts.

she stated, “Ang husay niya i handle iyon pagka krung krung ko. Ang ganda ng acceptance niya sa mga kagagahan ko. Dedma lang siya, walang powertrip, at pati mga followers niya, class ang pagkapikon sa akin,”.

Lolit Solis claimed that she has been able to demonstrate with Kris that persons with high intellect have a broader and more objective understanding of things and their environments.

“Ngayon ko lalo napatunayan iba talaga pag meron utak ang isang tao, mas malawak ang understanding, mas cool ang tingin sa paligid,” the veteran showbiz columnist Lolit Solis stated

She said Kris is not into “power tripping” and would always respect the choice of others, which is why there is no bad blood or resentment between Nay Lolit and the actress.

“Wala iyon power tripping na puwede ko gawin iyan, puwede ko alisin iyan, puwede ko ipatanggal iyan. Basta gawin mo gusto mo, irespeto ko iyon choice mo, let us see what will be the outcome. Ganuon ka simple, ganuon kagaan. Kaya wala bad blood, walang resentment,” she pointed out in her post.

Lolit Solis stated that he misses Kris’ qualities, which the experienced journalist believes are so unlike those of today’s rising stars.

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