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Glow up Photos of Lyca Gairanod Goes Viral

Singer Lyca Gairanod is now a young woman. Back then, when Lyca’s name was heard, one immediately thought of the little girl who was good at singing. With her singing talent, she won the first ever grand champion for ‘The Voice Kids’ in the country.

Lyca’s singing skills were discovered when her video went viral on social media. While she sings Aegis songs.

And with the passage of time, so does the former appearance of Lyca is now a lady. Because now Lyca is 17 years old. Many netizens are amazed of her transformation of her appearance.

You see Lyca is so simple when she was young, now you see a beautiful and gorgeous young woman.

The Kapamilya singer is not ready to have a boyfriend, her priorities right now is to concentrate on her career and studies.

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