Actual Video Footage Cebu Tinubdan Falls Landslide

Enjoying with friends in Tinubdan Falls turns to a deadly tragedy.

Reports said that these teenagers were getting together and decided to jamming and enjoy the fresh water in Tinubdan Falls without expecting that there excursion turns into a deadly tragedy.

If you watch the actual video footage attached in this page, you can see that the water flow was just normal but suddenly flash flood came and splash them all. Young men who were quick to jump up to the higher part were luckily survived from the tragedy.

Watch video here.

The 17-year-old was trapped in the middle. His companion were trying to rescue him but failed due to the lack of rescue equipment to survived the victim.

The social media flooded with comments and condolences to the victims. Some said that this could serve a lesson to all when people wish to hold excursion in any places like this.

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