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Watch: Sanya Lopez Receives Strong Word from Madam Inutz

Kapuso actress Sanya Lopez also did not miss the unique way of greeting from Madam Inutz. Daisy Lopez more popularly known as “Madam Inutz.” She is known for her live selling of “ukay-ukay” clothes. She is also admired by hundreds of thousands of viewers because of her jolly personality.

Some celebrities are also mimicking the way she sells online. One of them is Pokwang. Many celebrities also want to meet her because of her fun personality.

As a greeting to her viewers she says strong words at them and they are even more excited. Recently, Madam Inutz did not know Sachzna Laparan and she says strong word of her because of her name spelling.

Kapuso actress Sanya Lopez also did not escape Madam Inutz’s strange greeting.

“Madam Inutz, sobrang fan mo ako, tawang-tawa ako sa’yo. Welcome sa ‘ka-freshness,” said Sanya Lopez.

Madam Inutz said to her, “Hello po… Magpapamura ka ba?”

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