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Yassi Pressman fulfilled the dream of watching Justin Bieber Live Performance

Top trending topic online! Yassi Pressman is now viral after she posted some videos of Justin Bieber singing live. Yassi and his sister Issa are enjoying their vacation in the US. Yassi meets various Hollywood celebrities from Los Angeles California to Las Vegas Nevada.

She first met in the US was NBA player Damian Lillard, whom she thanked for his donation for PGH. She also uploaded a photo with Manny Pacquiao and she even gave him her product. Yassi’s adventure abroad continues, it can be seen that he really enjoys partying.

Covid-19 Free in Las Vegas, that’s why Yassi’s enjoying the summer in LA. But one of the things Yassi enjoyed the most was the fulfillment of his long-held dream. And this is when she watches Justin Bieber’s live performance.

Yassi’s posted video shows that she seems emotional and can’t believe that Justin Bieber is just in front of her. With her sister, Issa really enjoyed that moment.

Yassi Pressman could not help but fangirl over Canadian pop star Justin Bieber when she saw him sing live during her recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

With her caption, “Off my bucket list: Seeing you perform live in this lifetime. I was so sad i couldn’t come to the concert but then there you were right infront of us.”

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