Renato Hipolito Challenged Cardo Dalisay a TikTok Dance

Many enjoyed the TikTok dance shared by John Arcilla more popularly known as Renato Hipolito along with some cast of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano.” They danced a trendy dance at TikTok with Ruel Santiago, Tirso Cruz III and Nonong Ballinan. In his caption, he jokingly challenged his enemy in the series, Cardo Dalisay and Ang Agila.

“Cardo Dalisaaaaaaaay!!! Nasaan ka na!??? Ilabas mo ang iyong mga Agilaaaaa!!! Lumaban kaaaaa…!!! Mga Duwaaaaag! Disclaimer: NO pelvic bone was broken on this TikTok.”

“I loved this video, it shows how perfect your friendships within the set of ang Probinsyano. Happy, happy lang. Haha…..Cardo at mga Aguila labannnnn hahaha….sama nyo na rin mga palpak na Black Ops, Senior Vera at Lito,” he added.

You can now watch the full video replay on July 1, 2021:

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