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Raffy Tulfo and Mayor Vico Sotto Joined Forces to arrest the “Scammers” in Pasig

Raffy Tulfo’s program was approached by one of those allegedly deceived by ‘scammer’ in Pasig City. Raffy Tulfo and Mayor Vico Sotto joined forces to immediately take action against the complained company Prolific Health Options and Trading Inc. allegedly soliciting money from its applicants.

According to the applicant, Joseph Austria, they only saw the post on social media saying that the company was looking for an office assistant in Pasig City. Because he needed a job and he thought he would fit the qualification stated in the post, he went and applied.

Joseph doubted that the person he approached could not directly answer the line of service they provided.

To make matters worse, they were even asked for Php500 to ensure that they would be hired for the job. Joseph was alarmed as well as the others with him. In that work, it can be said to be just a ‘scam’ and deceives people looking for work in this pandemic.

Tulfo also interviewed the HR officer of Prolific Health Options and Trading Inc. And because they admitted to the alleged solicitation of money, their company would be shut down immediately.

Mayor Vico Sotto also gave an interview on Tulfo’s program. At that time, he allegedly sent a man to investigate the work of the company that they had once shut down.

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