Mang Inasal Issue Statement Against Manager Allegedly do Bad Things


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The PR manager of Mang Inasal has issued a statement regarding the controversy allegedly involving their manager in the Hidalgo, Plaza Miranda branch. Mang Inasal immediately responded to the controversy where it was discovered that one of their managers allegedly placed a cellphone camera in the supposed stock room to do naughty things.

One of the alleged victims, Mark Bernal, a security guard asked for help from Raffy Tulfo’s program. He was shocked to see the cellphone which also contained heavy evidence against the manager named Alvin Joshua Francisco.

Because of what happened, Mark decided to file a complaint against Alvin and Tulfo would help him. Mark was just as scared for his security especially with what he revealed about the manager.

Tulfo clarified the only person responsible is the manager who allegedly did bad work. “Good Evening, this is Ed Timbungco, PR manager of Mang Inasal regarding the matter that you were asking about, the store owner is currently investigating the matter. We share in the desire to have this concern address as soon as possible.”

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