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Statement by PNP Chief PGen. Guillermo Eleazar investigate the death of 16-year-old Johndy Maglinte

Official Statement by PNP Chief PGen. Guillermo Eleazar in connection with the death of 2 suspects in an anti-drug operation in Laguna on Wednesday. As a first step, Eleazar placed all police involved in the operation in restrictive custody while the PNP investigated the incident.

Philippine National Police Chief, PGen. Guillermo Eleazar, following the investigation of human rights abuse claims in the government’s drug war, assured the public that the wheels of justice are in motion and that local remedies are being exhausted.

Eleazar said in an interview over Radyo5, “I talked to the provincial director… they are saying that he was not cuffed… The IAS will… investigate.”

Eleazar urged witnesses and the relatives of Maglinte to cooperate in the investigation.

“Whether a kid or an adult, they shouldn’t be killed mindlessly. If there are any lapses, we will not condone it,” Eleazar said.

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