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Full Video: Police Master Sergeant Hensie Zinampan got Arrested for Shooting a 52-year-old woman

Police Master Sergeant Hensie Zinampan shoot 52-year-old woman in Quezon City went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The incident was captured on cellphone video at close range when the victim begged him but he ignored and shoot the victim.

Police Master Sergeant Hensie Zinampan denied the shooting incident even though he was caught on the video. According to the lady’s daughter, the two used to have an argument.

On May 31, the name of the victim is Lilibeth Valdez, 52 years old seems to buy a cigarette.

Lilibeth’s daughter told to the reporter that they are just sitting beside the store. When Zinampan get his gun in the bag and said “Anung walang, walang bala huh.” Then he shoots Lilibeth in the neck.

“Parehas tayong lasing diba, ngayon lang tayo nagkikita, ngayon nah,” Zinampan shoots Lilibeth.

Lilibeth is Deod on the spot.

The authorities are now preparing a murder case against Zinampan. According to PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazer, “Kami po ay nakikiramay sa pamilya ng victim at pinararating ang taos-pusong paghingi ng tawad sa lahat, pati na rin sa ating kababayan, sa ginawang karumal-dumal ng pulis na ito.”

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